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  • What happens if I don’t pay off my debt?

    They WILL come for you! Your credit score will tank which will make it impossible to rent an apartment or lease a car, creditors will start calling you more than you call your ex after a martini and you can EVEN face legal actions! Yikes! Definitely not the move. What we’re going to do instead is create a plan to get organized and tackle pay-off so you can set yourself up to be done with debt!

  • What's the first step to pay off debt?

    The first step is definitely figuring out how much debt you actually have and what the interest rates are and how much the monthly payments are.

  • Should I consolidate my debt?

    It depends! Consolidating can be a great strategy to combine debts into a single loan with a lower interest rate IF you’re ready & able to aggressively pay it off. It really depends on the loan terms & where you’re at financially- so don’t skip reading the fine print & get your finances in order before you take this step.

  • Should I pay off debt or save an emergency fund first?

    I recommend saving a 3 month emergency fund in a high yield savings account & then focus on paying off your high interest rate debt first. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to landing in deeper debt if an emergency strikes & you need cash ASAP.


How I got out of $70,000 of debt in my 20's

The average amount of debt for Americans ages 24-39 is $78,396. For many Zillennials, getting their debt under control feels… impossible.

That’s why I sat down with Danielle for this week’s episode of Financial Therapy. She got in and OUT of $70,000 dollars of credit card debt & shares her secrets.

This is the episode for anyone clueless about money or looking to create a more "grown up" financial plan or interested in overcoming past financial mistakes.

Nothing is irreversible, take control of your future today!

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