5 Reasons You Should Be Investing Right Now

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

#1 — Recessions Make Millionaires

Stocks are ON SALE right now! Get in low so you can sell high. Future millionaires are made or destroyed in bear markets. It's what you do (or don't do) that determine your financial future! A recession brings the opportunity to beat the market with low-cost options.

#2 — Are You A Woman?

Women are better at investing than men (there's been studies, lol) but only 26% of us have money in the market. We need to invest so we can grow wealth & be more powerful & prevent weird men from taking away our rights to abortions. ITS A WHOLE THING!!  DO YOUR PART!

#3 — Overcome the Fear & Know The Facts

Since 1926, the average bull market has lasted 6.6 years and the average bear market has lasted 1.3 years. The average return for bear markets is -38% and the average return during bull markets is +339%. History is on the side of long term investors. DON'T PANIC!

#4 — It's Trendy, Duh

Kim Kardashian has 920 shares of Disney, 995 share of Adidas, and Amazon, Apple and Netflix stock. We all got BBL's after she had one so follow her lead here too.

#5 — You Have To Start Somewhere

You can't invest millions if you don't first invest $10. No matter how small you start, the key is consistency, patience, and understanding.

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