Earn More Money With a Side Hustle

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

What's up, Rich People!

I don't know if you have heard but being alive is expensive. I had a friend who used to say every time she left her apartment in NYC, her card was automatically charged $20 (not wrong...) But, I'm Mrs. Dow Jones, The Zillennial Finance Expert, and I never come to you with problems I don't have solutions to. So... let me introduce THE SIDE HUSTLE!

This is a job you have on top of your normal job that earns you extra money. There are many side hustles out there, but here are the top 5 we found that are actually earning people substantial cash:

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☑️  The Breakdown: Sounds simple enough, and it is! What are you really good at? What did you study in college? Basically- freelancing is about turning a subject you're already really knowledgeable about into a marketable skill. Are you the person in your friend group who is amazing at social media & always makes sure phone eats first? Great- I bet there are 1000 influencers looking for someone like you to help them create content. Are you amazing at cooking? Great- come help teach me how to make something other than boiled chicken. There are so many ways to freelance on the side of a salary job.

💸 The Biggest Plus: Your hours and projects are totally up to you and you can be as creative as you want to be!

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☑️ The Breakdown: Anyone you know who has a pet will always need a pet sitter or dog walker (as someone with a pet I can second this).

💸 The Biggest Plus: You can decide how much or how little you're willing to do (a daily walk or a full vacay at your friend's apartment). Plus, playing with animals, duh.

✨ Fun Fact: Mystery's new dog walker in Dumbo, Valeria, is a follower of MDJ & this gig is her side hustle while she finishes school! Stars — they're just like us.

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☑️ The Breakdown: It seems like everyone is trying to be an influencer these days, but a lot of people do have a lot to offer to the world (how do you think I got started?!) Also, brands are obsessed with micro influencers so even if your following seems small, you'll likely still be able to monetize it.

💸 The Biggest Plus: Taking something you're obsessed with and sharing your POV on it. And building COMMUNITY!

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☑️ The Breakdown: You wouldn't believe how many people need help getting tech set up in their homes, and you often don't even need to be a tech whiz to figure it out. I joke that my parents think I work at the Genius Bar because every time I see them, I am tasked with fixing their gadgets. So please do this so I can hire you to help my mom & dad.

💸 The Biggest Plus: Using platforms such as Task Rabbit can get your name out there for all of the skills you're good at!

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☑️ The Breakdown: We all know what nannies run the streets of the Upper East Side. Some families need full-time and some maybe even just once a week. My cousin is a nanny on UES & the family rents her an apartment & literally pays her cash & is basically her sugar-family. WE STAN!

💸 The Biggest Plus: This is easy, fast, and good cash. Plus, the family you work for could be super rich and let you eat their organic snacks and pretend you live a super lavish life. I was a babysitter to a child named Winthrop in my 20s!

With all this being said, you can also forgo side hustling & lean harder into your career. And also, it doesn't matter how much you make, it matters how much you KEEP! So let's also make sure you're budgeting properly before you commit to that side hustle!

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