How to Travel Like A Rich Person

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

You can have anything but you cant have everything. If you’re strategic with your spending, you can milk a glamorous, lux place like Paris to the NINES while staying within your means. Here are a few ways I made myself feel rich without going broke on my trip:

  • We went to every luxury store & drank champagne and tried stuff on. It’s so fun if you love fashion, which I damn do! They offer you champagne the moment you walk in so why not say yes lol.
  • Skip staying at the fancy hotels (get an AirBnB) and just drink at them instead! We had cocktails at The Hotel Crillon, Hotel Costes & The Four Seasons! Each visit ended up costing around $60/ each but it counted as dinner (we ate olives & almonds & people watched & split appetizers) and made us feel very swanky. I have a new Moto that “a hotel a day keeps the doctor away.”
  • Again, skip the fancy hotels and get massages at them instead! We went to the Hotel Crillon for 60 minute massages the day we landed which saved us from jet lag & ended up being some of the best money I spent on the trip. The massage was $250 and came with access to the steam room, sauna, gold-tiled pool, divine snacks & heavenly showers. We ended up staying at the spa for LITERALLY 5 hours. I got my moneys worth for sure! I even filled my tote bag up with waters for future days lol.  
  • Please go for falafel in the Marais at L’As du Falafel. I dream of this falafel.  
  • Go to the grocery store, get meat & cheese & sit on the Sein River for sunset. We did this and it was the best vibes. Also, you can get a HUGE spread for $20 euro - like I was shocked at the value. And wine is so cheap in Paris too! This is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the city & have a bite without having to go to ANOTHER restaurant which always ends up being a ton of money.