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MDJ Daily Inspo

October 25, 2023
“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”
— Warren Buffett

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Hard to pick just one! #financeiscool
With @adobeexpress I have tools for allll my business needs so I can share my $$ tips in a design forward way!

Link in my bio to try :) now you know my secret weapon 😇#financeiscool #adobeexpresspartner
Which are you choosing? #financeiscool
@mrsdowjones wants you to set up a living trust if you are passing down property!  The stepped up in cost basis is a MAJOR HACK!! Don’t sleep on this #financeiscool
@uber becoming more affordable is very espresso. #financeiscool #ad
Want my 8-step guide to booking rewards travel? Comment POINTS and I’ll send it to ya :) #financeiscool
@mrsdowjones wants you to get the LOWEST price on furniture!! Idk when it became normal to pay 6k for a couch but it don’t have to be like that!! Follow for more $$ tips. #financeiscool
College students are making BANK reselling reservations. They’re called “table scalpers” & while it may seem nuts to pay someone for the chance to spend money at a restaurant… there’s a market for it! These kids are taking home 70-100k/ year swing...
If you’re dying to travel this summer but on a budget… this hack is for you!! Home exchanges are becoming more mainstream and DRASTICALLY reduce the cost of travel. Like legit will cut your costs by 90%. But the question is… would you feel comfort...
So excited to judge all the #MetGala looks while wearing sweatpants on my couch 🤩
If you’re a high earner- you need to try a Mega Backdoor Roth! This strategy lets you contribute up to 46k to a Roth even if you make more than the income limit 🤩 let me know if you have questions! #financeiscool
@mrdowjones wants you NOT to buy CARTIER LOVE BRACELETS! 

The fakes are too good that even Cartier can’t tell the difference which means NO RESALE VALUE because they can’t be authenticated! Invest your money in high quality non-name brand gold je...