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MDJ Daily Inspo

October 25, 2023
“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”
— Warren Buffett

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Let me put you on to target date funds. They’re SO easy. You just put in the year you wanna retire & chose the TDF closest to it. Then it wil...
This ACTUALLY HAPPENED and is in my current thought rotation (along with should I go blonde, will Nvidia keep growing after it’s stock split and is Menorca the new Greece) 

lmk your thoughts. #financeiscopl
Just kidding Mom I love you! (And are we still on for Italy😬) #financeiscool
Next time you need to make a big purchase (like getting a mattress from @casper !!) use @accruesavings to finance it! 

They’re an FDIC- insured wallet that gives you insane rewards & discounts if you use it to save for purchases in advance. So ba...
@adobeexpress is easy to use but… if you want to level up your skills- come to their ~fireside chat~ on June 11th! You’ll learn from top marketers how to unlock your team so they can create amazing content using generative AI that’s designed to be...
Comment ZIA for my free guide to building generational wealth!

Also- you don’t have to do the exact amounts in this video! (everyone’s budget is different!) the most important thing is to deposit consistently to take advantage of compound interes...
TAG SOMEONE WITH A HUGE VENMO BALANCE ⬇️ (we need to help them!!) 

Storing your money in this account is a bad idea! You earn no interest, it’s not FDIC insured, and paying with Venmo (or PayPal or CashApp) builds no credit/ gives you no rewards....
@mrsdowjones wants you to plan summer travel around where the dollar is STRONG!! It’s truly the best travel hack. You get to your destination and everything is a good deal! 

Have you been to any of these spots? Match my freak & drop those recs be...
Welcome to June babe. Hope you’re ready bc we are gonna get everything we want 🎀 #financeiscool
There’s a reason Ed Sheeran (and @mrsdowjones) rent!! Depending on where you live- it’s often a better money move to put that down payment money in the stock market than to invest in real estate! But you gotta run the numbers to know for sure!

Hard to pick just one! #financeiscool
With @adobeexpress I have tools for allll my business needs so I can share my $$ tips in a design forward way!

Link in my bio to try :) now you know my secret weapon 😇#financeiscool #adobeexpresspartner