Why You Need Pet Insurance

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)


Omg you guys… the craziest thing happened.

So obvi I have a (very cute) miniature poodle named Mystery. And ever since I got him when he was 8 weeks old, he’s had a funny bump on his head. Whenever we went to the vet, I would ask about it. “Should I get it removed?” “Can you test it?” They always assured me it was fine- just a cyst. “Dogs have bumps!” But it was bugging me.

So I decided, Mommy loves elective surgery! Why not get Mystery some elective surgery too? Let’s get that bump CUT OFF even though everyone is saying it is fine!

Knowing it would be pricey- I got quotes from my vet for the procedure ($4k) & sent it to my pet insurance for pre approval. They denied me, but I fought that (duh) and they gave in & said they would cover it. EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE!

Anyways…he gets the procedure. And a week later I get a call and they tell me it is CANCER! Sarcoma! It was a huge shock- I had to take a mental health day & cried in 40 Zooms. BUT they got good margins. Caught it super early. X-rays, blood work & lymph node tests were negative. So what's a girl to do besides feel grateful & enjoy whatever many days she has left with her fur son?

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And- it was a reminder of why pet insurance is so important. We are emotionally attached to these creatures and when things go wrong- we will do whatever it takes (or costs) to keep them going.  Don't put yourself in that position!  Having a sick pet is bad enough, but adding financial stress on top? That's awful!

Here's what I use…

Make a financial plan for your pets. Trust me…you're gonna be grateful you did.