Say NO to a Wedding You Can't Afford to Attend

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

It's Haley Sacks, aka Mrs. Dow Jones, your financial pop star and possibly your future maid of honor — if I'm not too booked up, that is. As we emerge from the pandemic, so do the wedding invitations, and with them, the pressure to shell out big bucks for every celebration.

But fear not! In this space, we do not succumb to wedding guest debt or bridesmaid bankruptcy. Today, I'm here to spill the beans on how to gracefully decline those wedding invitations without burning bridges.

Welcoming Back Weddings: A Financial Dilemma

Weddings are back in full swing, thanks to Pfizer, Moderna, and a shaky relationship with J&J. This means your friends, who conveniently got engaged during the lockdown, are expecting you to show up with bells on and your wallet wide open. But remember, weddings are expensive, and financial boundaries are key in this house.

The Three Decisions: Attend, Partially Attend, or Not Attend at All

When you receive that wedding invitation, you essentially have three choices:

  1. Attend everything: Dive headfirst into all the events.
  2. Partially attend: Select specific events, like the reception or bridal shower.
  3. Not attend at all: Politely decline and maybe double-tap some pics on Instagram.

If You Choose to Attend Everything: Set Financial Boundaries

If you opt for option 1, attending every wedding-related event, it doesn't mean you have to break the bank. If being a bridesmaid is too pricey, politely decline. You can show support in other ways, like helping with vendor scouting, crafting, or taking charge of the guest book.

If You Choose to Partially Attend or Not Attend at All: Communicate with Grace

If you lean toward options 2 or 3, the key is communication. Pick up the phone to avoid misunderstandings, but don't overexplain. It's not necessary to reveal your entire financial situation. If pressed, keep it personal, and if they're upset, let them have their moment. It might be wedding stress talking.

Bonus Round: How to Say No to Being a Bridesmaid

And now, the bonus round – how to gracefully decline the coveted bridesmaid role. It's all about being honest, firm, and centered in your financial goals. Whether it's a singing telegram or a guilt trip, stand your ground with integrity.

The Power of Saying No: A Decision to Stand Behind

Remember, if you're saying no, make it a powerful choice you stand behind 100%. No self-pity here. Your choice to decline is reasonable, and framing the conversation around your happiness for the bride keeps the focus on celebrating her day.

Closing Thoughts: Stay Rich, Set Boundaries

In conclusion, saying 'no' to a wedding you can't afford is a powerful financial move. Keep those boundaries intact, stay focused on your goals, and most importantly, celebrate your friend's happiness in a way that feels right for you.

As I head to help Paris Hilton with her welcome baskets, don't forget to subscribe, establish your financial boundaries, and always remember – stay rich, b*tch! 💸✨