How to Get Rich in 2024

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

#1 — Monthly Money Date

I love my monthly money date where I sit down & fill out The Money Book. I didn't miss a month in 2023. I am gonna keep the good times rolling in 2024. The last day of each month, I plan to sit down & review my spending, see where I am with my goals & identify places I can cut back.

Speaking of which... I asked what you're cutting back on and here were your answers:

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#2 — Financial Goals I'm Obsessed With

Knowing your WHY makes it much easier to say WHY NOT! My long-term financial goal is my dream house in St. Lucia (which I am already investing towards) but my NEW short-term goal is a pimped out office for Mrs. Dow Jones. I am so excited about this that it's making it easier to say no to other things so I can accomplish this quicker. What's your goal? Use the 50/30/20 rule to make sure you're putting 20% towards future you, whatever future you may need!

#3 — Automate Everything

Automation is really that girl... I am already automated to filth but for 2024 I wanna find MORE things to automate. What about you? Have you set up automatic transfers for your savings, investments, and recurring bills? You simply MUST!  Automation not only ensures you're hitting your financial goals consistently but also frees up your mental energy for more exciting endeavors.