How to Reset Your Finances

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

It's Time for a Money Check Up!

Did you know my favorite holiday is right around the corner? Yes, with the start of April comes April Fools! Please prank responsibly… Oh, and my other favorite holiday is coming up too! My QUARTERLY CHECK-UP! Anytime a new quarter starts, I check in with my financial goals, make sure I'm on track and if not, make changes. I look at the Quarterly Check-Up as a supersized monthly money date! But instead of going through my spending from the past month, I go over my more overarching goals! It's super helpful & always re-motivates me. You should try it! In fact, if you scroll down, I gave you tools to have your own Quarterly Check-Up!

Debt Check Up | Mrs. Dow Jones

How’s That Debt Payoff Coming?

Remember when you set a goal this year to pay off some debt? How’s your credit card debt coming? How’s your student loan debt coming? Still need help?

Work Check Up | Mrs. Dow Jones

How’s Work Treating You?

Remember when you told me you hated your job and I gave you my free resume template to use to build out your new resume to send to new job options? How’s that going? Is work getting better? Are you getting paid fairly? Have you had the necessary conversations with your boss if things are not improving? Have you started that job search yet? Still need help?

Emergency Fund Check Up | Mrs. Dow Jones

How’s That Emergency Fund Coming?

Remember when you promised me that you’d start building an emergency fund for a rainy day? Even if it’s $20, have you set that aside every month? Are you building up that fund every month to reach your end goal? Still need help?

Investments Check Up | Mrs. Dow Jones

How’s That Investing Going?

Remember when you told me that you were going to start investing this year? Have you researched the best options for you to invest in? Have you set aside a certain number every month in your budget to put into investments? Still need help?

Budget Check Up | Mrs. Dow Jones

How’s That Budget Going?

Remember when you told me you were going to sit down and come up with a 2023 budget that reflects your financial goals? Have you done it yet? Are you sticking to it? Are you consistently overspending in certain categories and need to reassess?