The ULTIMATE Guide to Holiday Tipping

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

Here's a tipping guide for the holiday season. And before you come after me with edits- know this is just a guide and if something feels off to you then that’s a good enough reason to adjust! Anywho, let’s talk tips!

Service Providers

Service providers are the people in your life who take care of you. Hair dressers. Dog groomers. Manicurists. Personal trainers etc.

I recommend tipping the total cost of one session….UNLESS you are regularly tipping them throughout the year when they perform their service. In that case, you can skip the extra holiday tip and tip as normal!

Apartment Building

  • Super: $75-$175 (depending on how much you like them…or how much you want them to like you)
  • Doormen & Concierge Staff (if you have them): $50-$150 total (divide among all of them depending on how many there are)
  • Maintenance Staff: $25-$50
  • Garage Attendant (if you have them): $25-$75

If you’re new in the building or the doorman or super is new you can tip a bit less. Always write a card too.

Other People That Help Run Your Life

  • Nannies/Babysitters: One service (one evening or one week's pay)
  • Daycare: $20- $50
  • Doggy Day Care / Dog Walkers: One visit / one service
  • Housekeepers: One day or week's service
  • Delivery Drivers: $10 - $25 (see notes below)
    + UPS can accept a small gift or gratuity
    + Fed Ex can accept a gift up to $75 but it can't be cash or gift cards
    + USPS can't accept cash or gift cards but can accept a gift up to $20 in value