What is Pay Equity and Why Is It Important?

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

Happy Equal Pay Day!

You know financial holidays just hit different for me, and Equal Pay Day is one of my favorites to celebrate. It's important to bring awareness to the disparity among races and genders when it comes to salary so that we can fight for financial equality. Let’s break down the facts:


The current state of the gender inequity gap is 84% for full-time workers and 77% for all workers (includes part-time and seasonal)


Black women working full time, year-round earn $.67 for every dollar paid to white men.


Latina women working full time, year-round earn $.57 for every dollar paid to white men.


Asian women of all earning types earn $.80 for every dollar paid to white men.


In an HRC Foundation analysis of nearly 7,000 full-time LGBTQ+ workers, median earnings were about $900 weekly, about 90% of the $1,001 median weekly wage a typical worker earns in the United States

So, what do we do? How do we change this? The first step is awareness, and that’s why I’m so glad you’re reading this newsletter. Most people are unaware of these statistics and have a hard time believing that this is the reality. The next step is action. Keep reading…

Four Ways to Make a Difference on Equal Pay Day

Spread Awareness: We made it easy for you to use your social media platform to help. Download the image below and post on your accounts to spread awareness! Use hashtags like #equalpayday, #equalpayday2023, and #payinequity and tag me @mrsdowjones so I can repost.

Equal Pay Day | Mrs. Dow Jones 2023

Donate: There are so many organizations you can donate to that are fighting pay gaps, but here is one I’ll be choosing: https://give.equalrights.org/give/425207/#!/donation/checkout

Know Your State Laws: For example, if you’re a California resident, you can email your lawmakers and urge them to support the Pay Transparency for Pay Equity Act. Look into your state laws and know what your representatives are supporting.

Advocate for Pay Transparency in Your Own Workplace: Talk to as many coworkers as you can! Use Glassdoor & PayScale to find out what people in your position are making. Use our pay transparency blog here for how to handle if you're being underpaid.