Back to School Tips

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)
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Ahhh....the sweet smell of a new season is upon us. Leaves crunching, crisp air, chunky sweaters.....and back to school.

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While I know most of you parents out there jump for joy the second you get to send your kids back to school, we also know the not-so-fun side of sending our kids off every morning: back-to-school supplies. Target looks like a mob came through and cleaned off every shelf in the back-to-school section, your kid wants the brand new back pack with their name monogrammed in it for $125...the list is endless.

But take a deep breath - let's go back to that lovely image of fall I painted in the beginning for you and bring a zen mindset as I show you three of my best tips when it comes to saving on school supplies:

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Do not sleep on Dollar Tree people!! Literally anything you could ever want is there for CHEAP, and before you say to me "Haley I live in NYC where the heck do you think there's a Dollar Tree?" You can order online. You're welcome. Buy everything you can here FIRST.

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This is a sneaky GOOD ONE. Ever heard of Card Cash?

Well, you're welcome if you haven't. Basically, you just type in where you need to shop and how much you think you're going to need to spend and you literally are given a discounted gift card. Buy the gift card, bring to the store, buy all the things (while smirking at the other shoppers that you're getting this all at a discount) and go on your merry way.

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Check if your state is having a Sales Tax Holiday

No for real, these are a thing. Go online and research your state's Sales Tax Holiday calendar. It's literally a day where you don't have to pay sales tax on what you buy. And this can be a major savings on a huge back-to-school supplies shopping trip!

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