Moms Are Cool

Financial health is mental health.

Financial health is mental health. Since the pandemic began, over 2.5 million women have lost or been forced out of their jobs. Nearly 1 million of these women are moms, with the most affected being Black, Hispanic or single moms.

In honor of Mother’s Day 2021, FINANCE IS COOL teamed up with Breakfast Club DJ Angela Yee and Josh Brown of Ritholtz Wealth Management to launch MOMS ARE COOL, a three-month program that helped NYC moms financially recover from COVID-19.

The Course

The MOMS ARE COOL initiative combined financial advising with personal development. Over the course of the three-month program, ten selected moms partook in a combination of group Zooms with one-on-one counseling led by Ritholtz CFP®s. 

Co-designed with Mrs. Dow Jones, the curriculum demystified money management and gave moms the tools they needed to take charge of their financial futures. Alongside the financial literacy component, the moms enjoyed monthly wellness sessions with NYC leaders from the food, mental health, and home organising industries.

The initiative specifically focused on moms who had lost partners, jobs, and savings due to the pandemic.

How it Works

√  2 Group Zooms/month
√  2 Break off sessions with CFPs/month
√  Facebook Group with 24/7 support & Community
√  3 Monthly Holistic Challenges

Get Involved

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As part of the program, every mom wins a box of gifts with products donated from our favourite brands